• Practice Areas

Aeronautical and maritime law

Due to its privileged position as a bridge between America and Europe, being the second largest nation in the Caribbean and one of the most popular tourist destinations, the Dominican Republic serves as a key point for the practice of both aeronautical and maritime law. Grisolia & Asociados offers legal advisory to passenger and freight transport companies, as well as activities related to these companies in the country; such as regulations, licenses, operation of national and international routes, public polices, amongst others regarding the areas of commercial, corporative, private and litigation.

Banking and financial law

Grisolia & Asociados offers its clients and entities in the financial and insurance sectors, both national and international, with legal help regarding this area of the law from both a legal and business perspective.

Real Estate & Tourism

Grisolia & Asociados offers expert advice developed through years of experience in the areas regarding real estate; the development of projects both urban and rural, the development of housing projects, shopping and commercial centers, as well as the purchase, sale and lease of real estate. The firm also offers assistance in the development of tourist projects, such as international hotel chains, marine…

Corporate and comercial law

The firm provides comprehensive legal services in everything related to the legal life of companies, concrete solutions to investors and promoters in the creation of mercantile companies, franchises, agencies and distribution agreements in general. Corporate restructuring, assistance in negotiations, drafting and execution of purchase agreements, concessionaires, preparation and implementation of commercial contracts, registration of new foreign investments and advice on the maintenance of such registration, preparation of all types of corporate documentation and all kinds of contracts. Execution of corporate projects such as capitalizations, mergers and acquisitions or Joint-Ventures, including assistance in the drafting and / or review of documents related to such operations, participation in due diligence processes (Due Diligence), establishment of Zonas Francas, and corporate litigation before the Courts, including those of Arbitration and Government Agencies, among other services.

Fiscal law

Grisolia & Asociados offers its clients solutions that give added value to their company with regard to tax planning. Performing tax audits, declarations and streamlining processes of their clients' companies.

Civil law

Grisolia & Asociados offers its clients a successful solution to their conflicts, whether they are disputes at national or international level, in proceedings of all kinds, before the Courts of Common Law, Executive Processes, Arbitration Procedures and Mediation, including the review and assessment of legal strategies.

Intelectual property law

Grisolia & Asociados offers assistance in the registry and maintenance of any and all types of intelectual property rights.


The firm has extensive knowledge of the new technologies in the telecommunications sector and the regulations that govern this matter, which allows it to collaborate with its clients in the rapid identification of problems and, consequently, provide effective and fast solutions.

Administrative and Constitutional law

Grisolia & Asociados is characterized by its high standards of ethics, which makes possible the practice of Administrative Law in the fulfillment of public administration obligations and contracts with the State, as well as in Constitutional Law.

Energy law

Grisolia & Asociados offers legal advice in matters related to energy law.

Family law

Grisolia & Asociados is trained in the cases of marriages and their effects:

  • To provide advice and support in the legal part necessary for the celebration of the marriage (documentation and necessary procedures in front of the different Officials)
  • Aide in the choice and implementation of Marriage Regimes.
  • Give advice on divorces and their different modalities.
  • Help with the procedure of friendly agreements and lawsuits in Partition of Community Assets.
  • Proceed with the implementation of partition agreements in front of the different instances.

In the cases of Affiliation and Adoption the firm is equipped to help with the following topics:

  • Parental Rights.
  • Parental Authority.
  • Visiting regime.
  • Support claims.
  • Legal authorization for the travelling of minors.
  • Recognition of paternity and maternity.
  • Adoptions.


Grisolia & Asociados offers litigation representation in courts of all jurisdictions and in all áreas of the law.


Grisolia & Asociados offers representation in the resolution of issues through alternative methods such as civil and commercial arbitration as well as mediation and conciliation.